Colleges & Universities

Canada welcomes more than 572,415 international students each year with reputed 96 of the World’s top 300 universities and 30 in the top 1000. Canada has one of the best school systems. Schools offer a pivotal range of study programs in all the fields. Canada is additionally a home to a portion of the world’s driving research facilities and academic institutions.

From elementary school to universities and colleges, language schools to vocational programs, Canadian schools accommodate students of all interests and backgrounds. International students study in Canada get quality, globally regarded trainings that set them up for future expert interests.

After completion your studies in Canada, international students have great options for pathway to Canadian permanent residence. We have helped many international students to find the suitable course of their interest. We sincerely believe that merely getting admission in Canadian college or university or getting the study permit is not yet the job done for us. We take care of students from very beginning till the end.

Once you finish studies in Canada, worldwide international students have incredible alternatives for pathway to Canadian PR. We have helped numerous universal students to locate the reasonable course of their advantage. We earnestly accept that simply getting affirmation in Canadian school or college or getting the investigation grant isn’t yet the activity accomplished for us. We deal with international students from absolute starting point till the end.

We help International Students in the following process :

  • Select suitable program,
  • Get an offer Letter from Colleges and Universities,
  • Apply CAQ (Certificat d’Acceptation du Québec)(If studying in Québec),
  • Get required documents of Academics,
  • Necessary documents of financials supports,
  • Prepare Study Plan,
  • Also help in apply for an extension of Study Permits,
  • Help in transferring their colleges or universities,

Contact us to know more about colleges/universities, program availability, tuition costs and more.

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