To get a positive LMIA, the Canadian government representative assessing an application must discover that the employing of a remote specialist will have a positive or unbiased impact on the Canadian work showcase. Among different components, it must be evident that no certified Canadians were left behind for the remote specialist, and that the outside laborer will be given a compensation and advantages that satisfy government and common guidelines.

The LMIA procedure is diverse relying upon whether the focused-on representative is delegated “high-wage” or “low-wage”. Temporary foreign workers being paid under the commonplace/regional middle pay are viewed as low-wage, while those being paid at or above are viewed as high-wage. Contingent upon whether an imminent worker is named high-pay or low-wage, certain arrangements apply.

As a rule, every single Canadian companies must give proof that they have endeavored to discover qualified Canadian natives or changeless occupants to fill employment positions before going to remote specialists. Likewise, employers might be investigated for consistence to government guidelines after their representative has started working in Canada.

Discover if you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment, how to hire workers through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and International Mobility Program and get to know what are further steps once you have hired a worker with extension of temporary worker’s work permit.

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