Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Workers who want to live in specific province and become permanent residents of Canada with either work experience/skills they have or education they have done to add to the economy of that specific province or territory. Each province and territory except Quebec  (because of its own immigration program) consist of different requirements which mainly focuses on skilled workers, students, business people and semi-skilled workers.

NOTE: The Northern Canada territory of Nunavut does not currently have a PNP and Quebec does not participate in the federal government’s PNP. 

Apply Canadian Permanent Residence with Provincial Nomination by reviewing your points and eligibilities. 

An additional 600 points are given to the candidate in CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) if you issue under Express Entry pool. The province or territory will contact eligible candidates directly and send a paper copy of a ‘nomination certificate’ that confirms their nomination.

Provincial Nominee Programs crosswise over Canada are effectively looking for and holding qualified foreign nationals by making the procedure of applying for Canadian PR more accessible. Regardless of whether a provincial nomination endorsement is given through Express Entry or outside the selection criteria, a candidate is still required to submit a separate application for Permanent Resident (PR) status to IRCC. 

You can directly contact us about choosing your province of interest and get to know more rules and regulations. Many criteria are getting changed and can be amended by province without any notice. Also each province have their own website for provincial nomination where you can visit and check latest rules by provinces. 

Select your province of choice and check out it's eligibilities by contacting us:

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
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