family sponsorship


Canadian Permanent Residents and Citizens of 18 years or more established can support their life partners or common law partners.

There are quite certain meanings of who can be a support or a supported individual and an unmistakable arrangement of conditions and exemption apply on support or supported individual in Canadian Immigration Law. Henceforth, it turns out to be critical to ensure that support meets the necessities of a support and the supported individual meets all the qualification prerequisites. Without the correct information on the Family migration laws, one may risk their odds of being acknowledged.

In the event that you live in the territory of Quebec, there are added steps so as to support your life partner or common law partner.

We will be happy to assist you with Family sponsorship. Other than filling every one of the structures, we will clarify you the entire sponsorship process and furthermore keep you refreshed all through the procedure in auspicious way. We need you to remain certain constantly.


Under family class, canadian permanent residents and citizens are eligible to sponsor their parents and grandparents to come to Canada. There are eligibilities for the sponsored person that has to be clear before applying such as financial requirements, fulfillment of all past sponsorship agreements or any support payments ordered by the court and other rules. Once sponsored person meets the medical requirement, he/she is eligible for sponsorship process.

CIC always change rules on their website and by meetings, it’s better to go through us by call or in-person so that every single doubt of yours will be cleared in order to sponsor your family members.

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